There's an interesting phenomenon I've been interested in lately, it has to do with the idea of men being natural predators. More specifically,  the idea of men enjoying the "thrill of the chase" when pursuing women, and how men lose interest in a woman when she is or becomes 'easy' to get.
From my own unfortunate experiences, it has become apparent to me that most men are more interested in a woman when they think they can't have her, or when they think they'll have to put in work to get her. However, if a woman actually shows interest in the man, or if the women is the one who flips the script and starts pursuing the man, it's likely that he'll ghost.
Context: a friend of mine (I'm the friend) met a guy who was interested in her. He always wanted to see her but my friend (me) would always play hard to get. This was until my friend (me, again) decided to start showing interest in the guy. After all, why play hard to get when you're really into someone? The strangest thing happened thereafter - as soon as my friend (you get it by now) actually started showing interest by texting the guy first, calling him, making plans, he went Houdini on her (disappeared)!
Is it out if fear? Are men afraid of being chased? Is it emasculating? Do men want women, or do men just like being able to get women?

I did a little research and I found this analogy about a lion & a gazelle.
Imagine you're a lion in the wild, and you're hunting. While hunting, you see a gazelle in the distance and you're like "yess, I can't wait to sneak up on this naïve little gazelle and sink my teeth in its flesh"... So while you're sneaking up on the gazelle, you're on a high. You can't wait to get close & pounce on it.
Then.. the gazelle turns around and sees you! You're waiting for the gazelle to run so that you can chase it, but instead, the gazelle stares at you for a minute, and it starts running towards you! So here you are, a lion; & a gazelle is running full speed towards u. Now you're like, "wait what?? I'M supposed to be chasing this gazelle, I'M the predator! why is it running my way? What's wrong with this gazelle?? Do I really want it??" & boom! Just like that the lion loses interest in the gazelle. Why? Because the lion was excited that it was going to chase the gazelle, but the gazelle didn't give the lion a chance to chase it, it just offered itself up. So the lion now thinks the gazelle is weird. 

And it got me thinking, about how men see women as gazelles. Men are excited about chasing women before they sink their teeth in us. So when a woman is easy to get & she doesn't give a man a chance to chase her, the man loses interest. To him, she's a "weird gazelle". 
It sounds like a toxic mentality. It means that when a man starts pursuing me, I can't show him I like him or he'll lose interest. I have to play hard to get. I basically have to pretend to RUN so that he can have a chance to chase me. Honestly, in this economy, who has the time?

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Are you really African if a white person has never smiled at you for no reason?

If you're from Nairobi like me, or any other city in an African country, and you're black, there's a high chance you will relate to what I'm talking about.
There you are, minding your business in the streets, trying to make it from point A to point B, and you walk past an elderly white couple dressed like there on a safari, they look at you for 2 seconds and smile at you. I like to call it the "I don't want no smoke" smile.
I've had a number of conversations with people about this, and they all say "wow, white people are so nice, they're always smiling at us". In actual fact, I just think they're scared, and here's why.
I've not been to any predominantly white country yet, but I'm almost 92% sure that in such countries white people don't randomly smile at black folks in the streets. But yet, here in Africa, you can't walk past a white person without them fake smiling at you. I think this is because when they are in an environment where they are the minority, they feel intimidated. So when they see us they smile not because they're nice, but because the smile is saying "I come in peace" "I'm the good guy" "sorry about slavery" etc.
So whenever I bump into a white person on the streets and they smile at me, I don't smile back. This is because I know if we were in America where the roles were reversed and I was a minority, the chances of that white person even taking the time to look at me or smile at me would be close to none.

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